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AMINA, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
45.24.3Core activityShoring and underpinning construction contractors
11.10.1Additional activityExtraction of crude petroleum and casinghead gas; Fractionating natural gas liquids
11.10.11Additional activityExtraction of crude petroleum and casinghead gas
All types of activities
11.10.12Additional activityFractionating natural gas liquids
11.10.13Additional activityShale oil, tar sands and ozokerite mining (11.13 Extraction of bituminous shale and sand)
11.10.2Additional activityGas, natural, extraction
11.10.3Additional activityNatural gas liquation and regasification
11.20Additional activityService activities incidental to oil and gas extraction
11.20.1Additional activityMining services
11.20.2Additional activityGas well rig building, repairing, and dismantling
11.20.3Additional activitySupplementary exploration on a special economic conditions
11.20.4Additional activityOther mining operations
13.10Additional activityMining and concentration of iron ores
13.10.1Additional activityIron Ore Underground Mining
13.10.2Additional activityIron Ore Surface Mining
13.20Additional activityMining and concentration of non-ferrous metal ores, except for uranium and thorium ores
13.20.1Additional activityCopper ore mining and beneficiating
13.20.2Additional activityNicke and cobaltl ores mining and/or beneficiating
13.20.3Additional activityMining and ore-dressing of the aluminium raw material (bauxites, nepheline-apatite ores)
13.20.31Additional activityBauxite underground mining
13.20.32Additional activityBauxite strip mining
13.20.33Additional activityNepheline-apatite ores beneficiating
13.20.4Additional activityPrecious metals sands mining
13.20.41Additional activityPrecious metals sands mining (gold, silver and Platinum metal)
13.20.42Additional activityRare metals ores mining and beneficiating (zirconium, tantalum, niobium etc.)
13.20.5Additional activityLead-zinc ore mining and/or beneficiating
13.20.6Additional activityTin ores mining and beneficiating
13.20.7Additional activityTitaniferous-magnetite ores mining and/or beneficiating
13.20.8Additional activityWolframite-molybdenum ores mining and/or beneficiating
13.20.9Additional activityAntimonium-mercury (quicksilver) and other non-ferrous metal ores mining and/or beneficiating
14.11Additional activityStone extraction for construction purposes
14.12Additional activityLimestone, bituminous, mining
14.13Additional activitySlate crushed and broken stone mining
14.21Additional activityOpen-cast Sand and Grave mine exploration
14.22Additional activityKaolin and Ball Clay Mining
14.30Additional activityMining of chemical and fertiliser minerals
14.40Additional activityExtraction and production of salt
14.50Additional activityOther mining and quarrying not elsewhere classified
14.50.1Additional activityBitumens, native, mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.2Additional activityDragstones and abrasives natural mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.21Additional activityDragstones mining and/or beneficiating, except for diamonds, amber and gem stone
14.50.22Additional activityDiamonds, industrial, mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.23Additional activityAbrasives, natural, mining and/or beneficiating, except for diamonds, pumice and emery
14.50.24Additional activityVermiculite mining
14.50.25Additional activityMuscovite mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.26Additional activityAsbestos mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.27Additional activityPiezoelectric quartz mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.28Additional activityQuartz crystal, pure, mining and/or beneficiating
14.50.29Additional activityGraphite containing ores mining and/or beneficiating
45.11.2Additional activityExcavation Contractors
50.50Additional activityRetail sale of automotive fuel
51.12Additional activityAgent activities in wholesale trading of fuels, ores, metals and chemical substances
Registration date
Registering department
Mezhrayonnaya inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby 1 po Respublike Adygeya

AMINA, OOO (Adygea, Republic; INN 0104012071) was registered on 9 Jul 2008. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 20000 rub.

Type of ownership of AMINA, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of AMINA, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of AMINA, OOO: shoring and underpinning construction contractors (45.24.3), extraction of crude petroleum and casinghead gas; fractionating natural gas liquids (11.10.1), extraction of crude petroleum and casinghead gas (11.10.11).


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