ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO, Bashkortostan, Republic

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453030, respublika Bashkortostan, rayon Arkhangel'skiy, selo Arkhangel'skoe, ulitsa Lenina, d. 61
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OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
11.04Core activity Manufacture of other non-distilled beverages from fermented materials
01.13Additional activityGrowing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
01.19.1Additional activityGrowing of horticultural specialities
All types of activities
01.21Additional activity The cultivation of grapes
01.24Additional activity Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
01.25Additional activity The growing of other fruit trees, Bush fruits and nuts
01.25.1Additional activityGrowing of strawberries
01.27.9Additional activity Growing of other crops for the production of beverages
01.30Additional activityOperation of tree nurseries and growing of plants for propagation purposes
01.49.11Additional activity Beekeeping honeymoon destinations
01.50Additional activity Mixed farming
01.64Additional activity Processing of seeds for planting
10.32Additional activity The production of juice products from fruits and vegetables
10.39Additional activity Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
10.39.1Additional activity Processing and preserving of vegetables (except potatoes) and mushrooms
10.39.2Additional activity Processing and preserving of fruit and nuts
10.89Additional activity Manufacture of other food products nec
10.89.1Additional activity Production of soups and broths
10.89.5Additional activity Manufacture of artificial honey and caramel
10.89.6Additional activity Honey Processing (tempering, filtration, mixing honey and decrystallization)
10.89.7Additional activity Manufacture of food rations and rations
10.89.8Additional activity Production of biologically active food additives
10.89.9Additional activity Manufacture of other food products, not included in other categories
11.02Additional activityBrennereien und Schnapsbrennereien
11.03Additional activityManufacture of food and drink products n.e.c.
11.05Additional activityManufacture of other non-distilled fermented beverages
11.06Additional activity Manufacture of malt
11.07Additional activity Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters and other bottled drinking waters
11.07.1Additional activity Production of mineral waters
11.07.2Additional activity Non-alcoholic drinks flavored and / or sweetened, except mineral water
18.1Additional activityPrinting and service activities related to printing
45.1Additional activitySales of motor vehicles
46.1Additional activityCommercial mediation of all kinds
46.2Additional activityWholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, seeds and animal feeds
46.3Additional activity Wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco
46.4Additional activityWholesale of household goods
46.6Additional activityWholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
46.7Additional activityOther specialised wholesale
46.9Additional activity Wholesale trade in specialized stores
46.90Additional activityNonspecialised wholesale trade
47.1Additional activityRetail sale in nonspecialised stores
47.2Additional activityOther retail sale of food in specialised stores
47.25.2Additional activityRetail sale of other beverages
47.5Additional activityRetail sale of other household equipment in specialised stores
47.73Additional activity Retailing drugs in specialized stores (pharmacies)
47.74Additional activity Retailing products used for medical purposes, orthopedic goods in specialized stores
47.75Additional activity Retailing of cosmetics and personal hygiene products in specialized stores
47.79Additional activityRetail sale of antiques and antique rugs
47.81.1Additional activity Retail trade in non-stationary trading facilities beverage and tobacco products
47.81.2Additional activity Retail trade in food products, beverages and tobacco products
47.89.1Additional activity Retail trade in non-stationary trading objects other goods
47.89.2Additional activity Trade retail markets of other goods
Registration date

ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO (Bashkortostan, Republic; INN 0274172435) was registered on 18 Jan 2013. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Principal activities of ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO: manufacture of other non-distilled beverages from fermented materials (11.04), growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (01.13), growing of horticultural specialities (01.19.1).


Economic indicators


Net loss (RAS) of ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO dropped over 2018 4.55 times to 95.00 thousand RUB from 432.00 thousand RUB KAgent.Entities.Balance, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period by 17.11% to 1.05 million RUB from 900.00 thousand RUB over 2017; cost of goods sold decreased by 14.00% to 1.12 million RUB from 1.31 million RUB; sales loss decreased 5.81 times to 70.00 thousand RUB from 407.00 thousand RUB.


Net loss (RAS) of ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO increased 1.75 times to 432.00 thousand RUB from 247.00 thousand RUB over 2016, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 5.66 times to 900.00 thousand RUB from 159.00 thousand RUB over 2016; cost of goods sold grew 3.91 times to 1.31 million RUB from 334.00 thousand RUB; sales loss grew 2.33 times to 407.00 thousand RUB from 175.00 thousand RUB.


Net loss (RAS) of ARKHANGEL'SKIE VAREN'YA, OOO increased by 22.09% to 105.00 thousand RUB from 86.00 thousand RUB over 2015, the company informed.

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