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450112, respublika Bashkortostan, Ufa, ulitsa Stroitel'naya, d. 1

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AMES, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
47.22.2Core activity Retail trade of meat and poultry in specialized stores
46.17.1Additional activity Involved in the sale of food agents
46.39.1Additional activityWholesale deep-frozen foodstuffs, from without-shaped focus
All types of activities
46.39.2Additional activity Wholesale trade in specialized stores frozen food products, beverages and tobacco
47.11.1Additional activity Retail trade of frozen products in specialized stores
47.11.2Additional activityOther retail sale of goods of various kinds, mainstream food and beverage, beverages and tobacco
47.19Additional activityOther retail stores with
47.21Additional activity Retail trade of fruit and vegetables in specialized stores
47.21.2Additional activity Retailing canned fruits and vegetables and nuts in specialized stores
47.22.3Additional activity Retailing canned meat and poultry in specialized stores
47.23Additional activity Retail trade of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialized stores
47.23.1Additional activity Retail trade of fish and seafood in specialized stores
47.23.2Additional activity Retail trade of canned fish and seafood products in specialized stores
47.24Additional activity Retail trade of bread and bakery and confectionery in specialized stores
47.24.1Additional activityRetail sale of bread, cakes, flour confectionery and sugar confectionery in specialised stores
47.24.2Additional activityRetail Confectionery
47.24.21Additional activity Retailing flour confectionery in specialized stores
47.24.22Additional activity Retailing confectionary, including chocolate, in specialized stores
47.24.3Additional activity Retailing ice cream and frozen desserts in specialized stores
47.25Additional activity Retail trade of beverages in specialized stores
47.25.1Additional activityRetail sale of beverages in specialised stores
47.25.11Additional activity Retail trade of alcohol drinks, except beer, in specialized stores
47.25.12Additional activity Retailing beer in specialized stores
47.25.2Additional activityRetail sale of other beverages
47.26Additional activity Retailing of tobacco products in specialized stores
47.29.11Additional activityShops
47.29.12Additional activity Retailing eggs in specialized stores
47.29.2Additional activity Retailing edible oils and fats in specialized stores
47.29.21Additional activity Retailing animal oils and fats in specialized stores
47.29.22Additional activity Retailing vegetable oils in specialized stores
47.29.3Additional activity Retail trade of other food products in specialized stores
47.29.31Additional activity Retail trade of flour and macaroni in specialized stores
47.29.32Additional activity Retailing cereals in specialized stores
47.29.33Additional activity Retail sugar in specialized stores
47.29.34Additional activity Retailing salt in specialized stores
47.29.35Additional activity Retailing tea, coffee, cocoa in specialized stores
47.51.2Additional activityRetail sale of haberdashery, tailoring supplies, crafts and fabrics for clothing and linen
47.75.1Additional activityRetail sale of cosmetic and toilet articles in specialised stores
47.75.2Additional activityRetail drugstore products
56.10Additional activity Activity of restaurants and services for the delivery of food
56.10.1Additional activityTraditional restaurants
56.10.3Additional activitySnack bars, etc.
61.10Additional activityTelevision broadcasting corporations
61.10.1Additional activityVoice services through wired telecommunications activities
61.10.9Additional activity Activities in the field of communication on the basis of other wired technologies
Registration date
Registering department
Inspektsiya MNS Rossii po Ordzhonikidzevskomu rayonu g Ufy Respubliki Bashkortostan

AMES, OOO (Bashkortostan, Republic; INN 0277049165) was registered on 4 Feb 2003. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Type of ownership of AMES, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of AMES, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of AMES, OOO: retail trade of meat and poultry in specialized stores (47.22.2), involved in the sale of food agents (46.17.1), wholesale deep-frozen foodstuffs, from without-shaped focus (46.39.1).


Economic indicators


Net profit (RAS) of AMES, OOO dropped in 2021 2.07 times to 15.00 thousand RUB from 31.00 thousand RUB over the same period in 2020, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period by 1.78% to 881.00 thousand RUB from 897.00 thousand RUB in 2020.


Net profit (RAS) of AMES, OOO grew over 2020 3.10 times to 31.00 thousand RUB from 10.00 thousand RUB over 2019, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period by 3.24% to 897.00 thousand RUB from 927.00 thousand RUB in 2019; cost of goods sold decreased by 37.99% to 284.00 thousand RUB from 458.00 thousand RUB; sales profit went up 2.35 times to 54.00 thousand RUB from 23.00 thousand RUB.

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