KOMSOMOL'SKOE PO, Kalmykia, Republic

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359240, Respublika Kalmykiya, r-n Chernozemel'skiy, p. Komsomol'skiy, ul. Nekrasova, d. D.32
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OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
52.1Core activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores
52.11Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating
52.11.1Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores frozen food products
All types of activities
52.11.2Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores with non-frozen food products including tobacco products and beverage
52.12Additional activityOther retail trade in non-specialized stores
52.2Additional activityRetail trade of food, beverages and tobacco in specialited stores 522
52.21Additional activityRetail trade of fruit and vegetables
52.22Additional activityRetail trade of meat and meat products
52.22.1Additional activityRetail trade of meat and poultry including by-products
52.22.3Additional activityRetail trade of canned meat and poultry
52.23Additional activityRetail trade of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
52.23.1Additional activityRetail trade of fish and seafood
52.23.2Additional activityRetail trade of canned fish and seafood
52.24Additional activityRetail trade of bread, bakery, and confectionery
52.24.1Additional activityRetail trade of bread and bakery
52.24.2Additional activityRetail trade of confectionary
52.24.21Additional activityRetail trade of pastry
52.24.22Additional activityRetail trade of sugar confectionary including chocolate
52.24.3Additional activityRetail trade of ice cream and other frozen desserts
52.25Additional activityRetail trade of alcoholic and other beverages
52.25.12Additional activityBeer retail trade
52.25.2Additional activityRetail trade of soft drinks
52.26Additional activityRetail trade of tobacco products
52.27Additional activityOther retail trade of food products in specialized stores
52.27.1Additional activityRetail trade of dairy products and eggs
52.27.2Additional activityRetail trade of edible oils and fats
52.27.3Additional activityRetail trade of other food products
52.27.31Additional activityRetail trade of flour and macaroni
52.27.32Additional activityRetail trade of cereals
52.27.33Additional activityRetail trade of canned fruit, vegetabels, nuts, etc.
52.27.34Additional activityRetail trade of sugar
52.27.35Additional activityRetail trade of salt
52.27.36Additional activityRetail trade of tea, coffee, cocoa
52.27.39Additional activityRetail trade of other food products not included in other groupings
52.3Additional activityRetail trade of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles
52.33.2Additional activityRetail trade of toilet soap and cleaning soap
52.41Additional activityRetail trade of textiles, notions, haberdashery
52.42Additional activityRetail trade of apparel (clothes)
52.43Additional activityRetail trade of footwear and leather goods
52.43.2Additional activityRetail trade of leather goods and travel accessories
52.44Additional activityRetail trade of furniture, lighting equipment and household articles n.e.c.
52.45Additional activityRetail trade of electrical household appliances and radio and television goods
52.46Additional activityRetail trade of hardware, paint-and-lacquer materials and glass coverings
52.46.7Additional activityRetail trade of construction materials not included in other groupings
52.47Additional activityRetail trade of books, newspapers, periodicals, stationary and writing paper goods
52.48Additional activityOther retail trade in specialized stores
52.48.1Additional activitySpecialized retail trade of office furniture, office equipment, computers, optical devices and photo devices
52.48.2Additional activitySpecialized retail trade of clocks, watches, jewelry, sports goods, toys and games
52.48.3Additional activitySepcialized retail trade of inedible goods not included in other groupings
52.48.31Additional activityRetail trade of household chemical goods, wallpaper and floor covering
52.48.32Additional activityRetail trade of flowers and other plants, seeds and fertilizers
52.48.34Additional activityRetail trade of souvenirs, ethnic craftsmanship products, religious and cult articles, funeral accessories
Registration date
Registering department
Gosudarstvennyy komitet Respubliki Kalmykiya po delam registratsii sub'ektov predprinimatel'skoy deyatel'nosti

KOMSOMOL'SKOE PO (Kalmykia, Republic; INN 0810003948) was registered on 11 Nov 2002. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 355050 rub.

Form of ownership of KOMSOMOL'SKOE PO - Property of consumer cooperative societies.

Principal activities of KOMSOMOL'SKOE PO: retail trade in non-specialized stores (52.1), retail trade in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating (52.11), retail trade in non-specialized stores frozen food products (52.11.1).


Economic indicators


Net loss (RAS) of PPKOOP KOMSOMOLSKOE dropped over 2013 2.61 times to 46.00 thousand RUB from 120.00 thousand RUB KAgent.Entities.Balance, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period by 42.40% to 1.97 million RUB from 3.42 million RUB in 2012; cost of goods sold decreased by 49.16% to 1.25 million RUB from 2.45 million RUB; sales profit made up 60.00 thousand RUB compared to sales loss of 55.00 thousand RUB.

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