ADSS, OOO, Irkutsk Oblast

664528, oblast' Irkutskaya, Irkutsk, bul'var Ryabikova, d. 94

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ADSS, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
45.11.1Core activityDemolition of buildings or other structures construction contractors
45.11Additional activityDemolition of buildings or other structures construction contractors
45.11.2Additional activityExcavation Contractors
All types of activities
45.11.3Additional activityMountaine construction site preparation works
45.12Additional activityExploration drilling
45.21Additional activityWorks and Buildings Construction
45.21.1Additional activityWorks and Buildings Construction
45.21.2Additional activityBridge, Tunnel and Elevated Highway Construction
45.21.3Additional activityPipeline (e.g., gas, oil, sewer, water) construction
45.21.4Additional activityPipeline (e.g., gas, oil, sewer, water) construction
45.21.5Additional activityPipeline (e.g., gas, oil, sewer, water) construction
45.21.51Additional activityPower plant, hydroelectric, construction
45.21.54Additional activityBoring contractors, building construction
45.21.6Additional activityOther buildings construction
45.21.7Additional activityOn-site prefabricated homes assembly construction
45.23Additional activityRoads, airfields and sports buildings construction
45.23.1Additional activityAsphalt paving (e.g., public sidewalks, roads, streets) contractors
45.25Additional activityOther construction works
45.50Additional activityLeasing of construction machinery and equipment (including the operating personnel)
50.10Additional activityTrade in motor vehicles
50.10.1Additional activityAutomobile wholesale trade
50.10.2Additional activityAutomobile retail trade
50.10.3Additional activityAutomobile trade through agents
50.20Additional activityMaintenance and repair of motor vehicles
50.20.1Additional activityPassenger Cars Repair and Maintenance
50.20.2Additional activityOther automobiles Repair and Maintenance
50.20.3Additional activityOther services related to technical maintenance of automobiles
50.30Additional activityTrade in components and accessories for motor vehicles
50.30.2Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire retail trade
50.30.3Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire sales through agents
60.23Additional activityOther land passenger transport
60.24Additional activityTruck transportation
60.24.1Additional activitySpecialized Freight Trucking
60.24.2Additional activityGeneral Freight Trucking, Long-Distance
60.24.3Additional activityFreight Trucking, rent
63.11Additional activityCargo handling
63.12Additional activityStoring and warehousing
63.12.4Additional activityStorage and warehousing of other products
63.21.2Additional activityOther supporting automobile transport activities
71.10Additional activityRenting of automobiles
71.21Additional activityRenting of other land transport equipment
71.21.1Additional activityRenting of automobile transport and equipment
71.32Additional activityRenting of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
71.33Additional activityRenting of office machinery and equipment, including computers
71.33.1Additional activityRenting of office machinery and equipment
71.33.2Additional activityComputer peripheral equipment rental or leasing
71.34Additional activityRenting of other machinery and equipment n.e.c.
71.34.3Additional activityLifting equipment renting
71.34.5Additional activityMeasuring equipment renting
71.34.9Additional activityOther equipment renting
74.14Additional activityBusiness and management consultancy activities
74.15.2Additional activityHolding companies
Registration date
Registering department
Mezhrayonnaya inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby N 17 po Irkutskoy oblasti

ADSS, OOO (Irkutsk Oblast; INN 3812153408) was registered on 19 Feb 2014. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Principal activities of ADSS, OOO: demolition of buildings or other structures construction contractors (45.11.1), demolition of buildings or other structures construction contractors (45.11), excavation contractors (45.11.2).


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