A.S., OOO, Rostov Oblast

347632, oblast' Rostovskaya, Sal'sk, ulitsa Promyshlennaya, d. 7
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A.S., OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
50.20Core activityMaintenance and repair of motor vehicles
20.3Additional activityManufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery
37.10.21Additional activityRecycling of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap (exc. Precious)
All types of activities
37.10.22Additional activityProcessing of waste and scrap
45.31Additional activityElectrical Contractors
45.4Additional activityFinishing Contractors
50.10Additional activityTrade in motor vehicles
50.10.1Additional activityAutomobile wholesale trade
50.10.2Additional activityAutomobile retail trade
50.20.1Additional activityPassenger Cars Repair and Maintenance
50.20.2Additional activityOther automobiles Repair and Maintenance
50.20.3Additional activityOther services related to technical maintenance of automobiles
50.30Additional activityTrade in components and accessories for motor vehicles
50.30.1Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire wholesale trade
50.30.2Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire retail trade
50.40Additional activityTrade in motorcycles, related components and accessories, maintenance and repair of motorcycles
50.40.1Additional activityMotocycle, Parts and Accessories wholesale trade
50.40.2Additional activityMotocycle, Parts and Accessories retail trade
51.11.21Additional activityAgent activities in wholesale trading of crops
51.11.23Additional activityAgent activities in wholesale trading of oilseeds and oil-bearing fruits
51.21.1Additional activityGrain wholesale trade
51.21.3Additional activityOilseeds and oil-containing fruits wholesaling
51.21.5Additional activityWolesale of agricultural raw materials excluded form other categories
51.37Additional activityCoffee, tea, cocoa and spicery wholesale trade
51.38.2Additional activityWholesale of other foods
51.38.26Additional activityWholesale of flour and macaroni
51.53Additional activityWholesale of timber, construction materials and sanitary equipment
51.53.24Additional activityWholesale of other construction materials
51.65.1Additional activityWholesale trade of means of transportation and transportation equipment
52.46.7Additional activityRetail trade of construction materials not included in other groupings
52.48.31Additional activityRetail trade of household chemical goods, wallpaper and floor covering
52.72Additional activityRepair of electrical household goods
60.24Additional activityTruck transportation
60.24.1Additional activitySpecialized Freight Trucking
60.24.2Additional activityGeneral Freight Trucking, Long-Distance
63.12Additional activityStoring and warehousing
63.12.4Additional activityStorage and warehousing of other products
63.40Additional activityLogistics
70.31Additional activityReal estate agencies
74.4Additional activityAdvertising, Public Relations, and Related Services
92.3Additional activityOther entertainment activities
92.4Additional activityNews agency activities
Registration date

A.S., OOO (Rostov Oblast; INN 6153022669) was registered on 10 Dec 2004. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 12000 rub.

Principal activities of A.S., OOO: maintenance and repair of motor vehicles (50.20), manufacture of builders' carpentry and joinery (20.3), recycling of non-ferrous metal waste and scrap (exc. precious) (37.10.21).


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