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443122, Samarskaya Oblast', g. Samara, ul. Molodezhnaya, d. D.9, of. KOMNATA N53
+7 (927) 725-17-28

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ALMIKO, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
26.2Core activity Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
18.12Additional activityPrinting nec
18.14Additional activityBinding of printed products and related services
All types of activities
18.2Additional activity Reproduction of recorded media
18.20Additional activity Reproduction of recorded media
26.20Additional activity Manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment
28.23Additional activity Manufacture of office machinery and equipment (except computers and peripheral equipment)
33.20Additional activity Installation of industrial machinery and equipment
42.21Additional activity Construction engineering services for water supply and drainage, gas
42.22.2Additional activityPipeline, road construction, well construction and sewage treatment plant construction 4220
43.21Additional activityBuilding installation
43.29Additional activityGas Heater production
43.99.1Additional activityScaffolding construction
43.99.9Additional activityReady-house-and part-finished building manufacturer
46.14.1Additional activity Involved in the sale of computer equipment agents, telecommunications equipment and other office equipment
46.15.3Additional activity Activity of agents in wholesale trade of electrical and household wiring accessories
46.15.4Additional activity Activity of agents in wholesale trade of radio and television equipment, technical information carriers
46.43.2Additional activityWholesale of electrical household appliances
46.43.3Additional activityWholesale of consumer electronics
46.43.4Additional activityWholesale of electrical accessories and wiring accessories
46.51Additional activityWholesale of other consumer articles n.e.c.
46.6Additional activityWholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
46.65Additional activity Wholesale trade of office furniture
46.66Additional activityWholesale of office furniture
46.69Additional activityWholesale of other machinery and equipment
46.69.2Additional activity Wholesale trade of engineering maintenance materials and accessories of machines
46.69.5Additional activity Wholesale trade industrial electrical equipment, machinery, equipment and materials
46.69.9Additional activity Wholesale trade of other machines, devices and equipment and equipment of common industrial and special purpose
47.41Additional activity Retail trade of computers, peripheral devices to them and software in specialized stores
47.41.4Additional activity Retail trade of office machinery and equipment in specialized stores
47.42Additional activity Retail trade of telecommunications equipment, including retail of mobile phones, in specialized stores
47.43Additional activity Retailing audio and video equipment in specialized stores
47.52.73Additional activity Retailing Metallic and nonmetallic structures in specialized stores
47.54Additional activityConstruction and DIY markets
47.59.1Additional activity Retailing furniture in specialized stores
47.59.3Additional activity Trade retail lighting equipment in specialized stores
47.59.9Additional activity Retail trade of household articles and devices not included in other groupings in specialized stores
47.62.2Additional activityRetail sale of stationery, school and office supplies
47.63.1Additional activityRetail sale of music and video recordings in specialised stores
47.63.2Additional activityVideo and retail shops
47.78.1Additional activityOptometrists
47.79.3Additional activity Retail trade of other second-hand goods
47.91.2Additional activity Retailing, carried out directly by means of information and communication on the Internet
47.91.3Additional activity Retail trade through the Internet auctions
47.91.4Additional activity Retail trade carried out directly through television, radio, phone
49.3Additional activityPassenger transport on land (excluding taxis)
49.32Additional activity Activities taxi
49.4Additional activityFreight transport by road and removal services
58.11.1Additional activity Publishing of books, brochures, advertising leaflets and similar publications, including publishing of dictionaries and encyclopedias, including the blind, in printed form
59.20Additional activitySound recording and production of radio reports
62.0Additional activity The development of computer software, consulting services in this area and other related services
62.02Additional activity Activities and advisory work in the field of computer technology
Registration date
Registering department
Inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby po Promyshlennomu rayonu g. Samary

ALMIKO, OOO (Samara Oblast; INN 6319159332) was registered on 16 Feb 2012. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Type of ownership of ALMIKO, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of ALMIKO, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of ALMIKO, OOO: manufacture of computers and peripheral equipment (26.2), printing nec (18.12), binding of printed products and related services (18.14).


Economic indicators


Net profit (RAS) of ALMIKO, OOO made up 0 RUB over 2016 compared to 216.00 thousand RUB over 2015, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period Infinity times to 0.00 thousand RUB from 776.00 thousand RUB in 2015; cost of goods sold decreased Infinity times to 0.00 thousand RUB from 560.00 thousand RUB; sales profit made up 0 RUB compared to 216.00 thousand RUB.


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