AGROPROM M, OOO, Sverdlovsk Oblast

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624220, oblast' Sverdlovskaya, Nizhnyaya Tura, ulitsa Sverdlova, d. 135
+7 (343) 422-45-59

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AGROPROM M, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
10.5Core activityMilk-mediated processing
01.1Additional activity The cultivation of annual crops
01.13Additional activityGrowing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
All types of activities
01.2Additional activityGrowing of perennial crops
01.25Additional activity The growing of other fruit trees, Bush fruits and nuts
01.30Additional activityOperation of tree nurseries and growing of plants for propagation purposes
01.4Additional activityAnimal production
01.5Additional activity Mixed farming
10.11.1Additional activity The production of meat chilled
10.11.2Additional activitySlaughterhouses
10.11.3Additional activitySlaughterhouses (no poultry)
10.12Additional activity Production and preserving of poultry meat
10.4Additional activity Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats
10.51.9Additional activity Manufacture of other dairy products
10.6Additional activityDairy products and egg products producers
10.61.3Additional activity The production of cereals and pellets from grain crops
10.8Additional activityProcessing and preserving of meat
11.0Additional activity beverage industry
41.2Additional activity Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
41.20Additional activityConstruction of buildings
43.2Additional activity Manufacture of electrical, plumbing and other construction installation works
43.3Additional activityOther construction installation
43.99Additional activityOther specialized construction activities
45.1Additional activitySales of motor vehicles
46.1Additional activityCommercial mediation of all kinds
46.2Additional activityWholesale of grain, unmanufactured tobacco, seeds and animal feeds
46.21Additional activityWholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
46.3Additional activity Wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco
46.33.1Additional activity Wholesale trade of dairy products
46.4Additional activityWholesale of household goods
46.7Additional activityOther specialised wholesale
46.9Additional activity Wholesale trade in specialized stores
47.1Additional activityRetail sale in nonspecialised stores
47.2Additional activityOther retail sale of food in specialised stores
47.5Additional activityRetail sale of other household equipment in specialised stores
47.9Additional activityRetail trade not in stores, stalls or markets
49.3Additional activityPassenger transport on land (excluding taxis)
52.10Additional activity Activity Warehousing and storage
52.29Additional activityService activities incidental to land transportation
56.29Additional activity Activities catering for other types of catering
56.30Additional activityBeverage serving activities
73.1Additional activityAdvertising
82.99Additional activityOther business support services to businesses and individuals not otherwise specified
Registration date
Registering department
Inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby po g.Lesnomu Sverdlovskoy oblasti

AGROPROM M, OOO (Sverdlovsk Oblast; INN 6630012895) was registered on 13 Apr 2009. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 25000 rub.

Type of ownership of AGROPROM M, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of AGROPROM M, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of AGROPROM M, OOO: milk-mediated processing (10.5), the cultivation of annual crops (01.1), growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (01.13).


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