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AGRO-T, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
01.25Core activity The growing of other fruit trees, Bush fruits and nuts
01.11Additional activityOther support services to forestry
01.13Additional activityGrowing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers
All types of activities
01.19Additional activityGrowing of other perennial crops 0119
01.24Additional activity Growing of pome fruits and stone fruits
01.26Additional activity Growing fruit oilseeds
01.28Additional activity Growing of spices, aromatic, spicy, aromatic and medicinal plants
01.29Additional activityGrowing of spices and aromatic crops
01.30Additional activityOperation of tree nurseries and growing of plants for propagation purposes
01.41Additional activityGrowing of ornamental trees and shrubs
01.42Additional activityRaising of other cattle and buffaloes
01.43Additional activity Raising of horses and other equines equine squad
01.45Additional activityRaising of horses and other equines
01.46Additional activityRaising of sheep and goats
01.47Additional activityHobby farming of animals
01.49Additional activity Breeding of other animals
01.61Additional activity Providing services in crop production
01.63Additional activity Activities farm after harvest
01.64Additional activity Processing of seeds for planting
01.70Additional activityArboriculture seed processing for propagation
03.12Additional activity freshwater Fishing
03.22Additional activity freshwater Fishery
10.32Additional activity The production of juice products from fruits and vegetables
10.39Additional activity Other processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables
10.39.9Additional activity Provision of heat treatment and other preparation of fruits and vegetables for canning
10.73.1Additional activityManufacture of rusks and biscuits; manufacture of preserved pastry goods and cakes
10.82Additional activityProcessing and preserving of meat
10.82.5Additional activity The production of candied fruit, nuts, candied peel and other parts of plants
10.85Additional activity Manufacture of prepared food products and dishes
10.86Additional activity The production of baby food and dietary food
10.91Additional activityManufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals
16.10Additional activity Sawmilling and planing of wood
46.17Additional activity Activity of agents in wholesale trade of food, beverages and tobacco
46.21Additional activityWholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
46.22Additional activityWholesale of other intermediate products of wood and wooden building components
46.31Additional activity Wholesale trade in fruit and vegetables
46.34Additional activityWholesale of eggs
46.38Additional activityWholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
47.11Additional activityRetail sale in nonspecialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating
47.21Additional activity Retail trade of fruit and vegetables in specialized stores
47.78.3Additional activityRetail sale of art objects, paintings, decorative arts, stamps, coins and gifts
56.10Additional activity Activity of restaurants and services for the delivery of food
62.09Additional activity Activities related to the usage of computers and information technology, other
68.10Additional activityBuying and selling of own real estate, buildings and dwellings
68.20Additional activityRenting and operating of own or leased land, buildings and dwellings
68.31Additional activityProcurement of land, buildings and homes for others
69.10Additional activityLegal activities
73.11Additional activity Activities of advertising agencies
73.20Additional activity Market research and public opinion polling
79.90.1Additional activityTourist assistance
90.02Additional activity Activities auxiliary associated with the performing arts
91.02Additional activity museums activities
Registration date

AGRO-T, OOO (Tambov Oblast; INN 6820038108) was registered on 31 Mar 2017. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Principal activities of AGRO-T, OOO: the growing of other fruit trees, bush fruits and nuts (01.25), other support services to forestry (01.11), growing of vegetables and melons, roots and tubers (01.13).


Economic indicators


Net profit (RAS) of AGRO-T, OOO grew over 2022 by 36.32% to 4.24 million RUB from 3.11 million RUB over 2021, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 3.14 times to 9.33 million RUB from 2.97 million RUB over 2021; cost of goods sold grew 3.53 times to 7.36 million RUB from 2.09 million RUB; sales profit went up 2.23 times to 1.97 million RUB from 883.00 thousand RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of AGRO-T, OOO grew over 2021 3,111.00 times to 3.11 million RUB from 1.00 thousand RUB over 2020, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 990.00 times to 2.97 million RUB from 3.00 thousand RUB over 2020; cost of goods sold grew 2,087.00 times to 2.09 million RUB from 1.00 thousand RUB; sales profit went up 441.50 times to 883.00 thousand RUB from 2.00 thousand RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of AGRO-T, OOO dropped in 2020 393.00 times to 1.00 thousand RUB from 393.00 thousand RUB over the same period in 2019, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period 708.33 times to 3.00 thousand RUB from 2.13 million RUB in 2019; cost of goods sold decreased 1,588.00 times to 1.00 thousand RUB from 1.59 million RUB; sales profit fell 224.00 times to 2.00 thousand RUB from 448.00 thousand RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of AGRO-T, OOO dropped in 2019 by 5.53% to 393.00 thousand RUB from 416.00 thousand RUB over the same period in 2018, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 2.21 times to 2.13 million RUB from 961.00 thousand RUB over 2018; cost of goods sold grew 5.84 times to 1.59 million RUB from 272.00 thousand RUB; sales profit fell by 34.98% to 448.00 thousand RUB from 689.00 thousand RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of AGRO-T, OOO grew over 2018 19.81 times to 416.00 thousand RUB from 21.00 thousand RUB over 2017, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period by 14.04% to 961.00 thousand RUB from 1.12 million RUB in 2017; cost of goods sold decreased 3.27 times to 272.00 thousand RUB from 890.00 thousand RUB; sales profit went up 3.68 times to 689.00 thousand RUB from 187.00 thousand RUB.


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