PROGRESS 2005, OOO, Moscow

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PROGRESS 2005, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
50.20.1Core activityPassenger Cars Repair and Maintenance
34.20Additional activityManufacture of car bodies, semi-trailers, trailers and containers for transportation purposes (one or several tranport means)
34.30Additional activityManufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their motors
All types of activities
50.20.2Additional activityOther automobiles Repair and Maintenance
50.20.3Additional activityOther services related to technical maintenance of automobiles
50.30.1Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire wholesale trade
50.30.2Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire retail trade
50.30.3Additional activityAutomotive Parts, Accessories, and Tire sales through agents
50.40.1Additional activityMotocycle, Parts and Accessories wholesale trade
50.40.2Additional activityMotocycle, Parts and Accessories retail trade
50.40.3Additional activityMotocycle, Parts and Accessories trade through agents
50.40.4Additional activityMotocycle repair and maitenance
50.50Additional activityRetail sale of automotive fuel
51.22Additional activityWholesale of flowers and plants
51.31.2Additional activityWholesale of raw vegetables, fruits and nuts
51.32.11Additional activityMeat and Meat Product Wholesalers
51.32.2Additional activityMeats and meat products (except canned, packaged frozen) wholesaling; Poultry and poultry products (except canned, packaged frozen) wholesaling
51.33.1Additional activityDairy products (except canned, dried) wholesaling
51.33.2Additional activityEggs wholesaling
51.33.3Additional activityWholesale of edible oils, butter and fats
51.34.1Additional activitySoft drink wholesale trade
51.34.21Additional activityWholesale of alcoholic beverage (except beer)
51.34.22Additional activityBeer wholesale trade
51.35Additional activityTobacco product wholesale trade
51.36.21Additional activityWholesale of sugar containing products (including chocolate)
51.36.22Additional activityWholesale of ice cream and frozen desserts
51.37Additional activityCoffee, tea, cocoa and spicery wholesale trade
51.38.1Additional activityWholesale of fish, seafood and canned fish
51.38.24Additional activityWholesale of bread and bakery
51.38.25Additional activityWholesale of pastry
51.38.26Additional activityWholesale of flour and macaroni
51.39.1Additional activityNon-specialized wholesale of frozen food products
51.43.1Additional activityWholesale of electrical household appliances
51.43.21Additional activityWholesale of Electrical Appliance, Television, and Radio Sets
51.43.22Additional activityWholesale of technical carriers of information (both empty and filled)
51.45.1Additional activityWholesale of perfume and cosmetics (except soap)
51.45.2Additional activityWhole sale of toilet soap and laundry soap
51.47.21Additional activityWholesale of books
51.47.22Additional activityWholesale of newspapers and periodicals
51.47.23Additional activityWholesale of statinery and writing paper
51.47.32Additional activityWholesale of photography goods and optical goods
51.47.33Additional activityToy and Hobby Goods and Supplies Wholesalers
51.47.34Additional activityWholesale trade of jewelry
51.64.2Additional activityWholesale trade of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
51.64.3Additional activityWholesale trade of office furniture
51.70Additional activityOther types of wholesale
52.11.1Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores frozen food products
52.11.2Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores with non-frozen food products including tobacco products and beverage
52.12Additional activityOther retail trade in non-specialized stores
52.22.2Additional activityRetail trade of meat and poultry products
52.23.1Additional activityRetail trade of fish and seafood
52.24.1Additional activityRetail trade of bread and bakery
Registration date
Registering department
Mezhrayonnaya inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby 46 po g. Moskve.

PROGRESS 2005, OOO (Moscow; INN 7705657479) was registered on 14 Apr 2005. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Type of ownership of PROGRESS 2005, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of PROGRESS 2005, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of PROGRESS 2005, OOO: passenger cars repair and maintenance (50.20.1), manufacture of car bodies, semi-trailers, trailers and containers for transportation purposes (one or several tranport means) (34.20), manufacture of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and their motors (34.30).


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