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OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
30.30.5Core activity Manufacture of parts and accessories of aircraft and spacecraft
27.1Additional activityManufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus
27.12Additional activity Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus
All types of activities
27.9Additional activityManufacture of other electrical equipment nec
30.3Additional activityProcessing and preserving of potatoes
30.30.1Additional activity Production of power plants and engines for aircraft and spacecraft; ground flying trainers; parts
30.30.4Additional activity Production spacecraft (including satellites), launchers
30.30.41Additional activity Manufacture unmanned spacecraft
30.30.42Additional activity Production of manned and unmanned space ships and stations, including orbit, interplanetary, reusable
30.30.43Additional activity Production of carrier rockets
30.99Additional activityManufacture of other transport equipment nec
33.16Additional activity Repair and maintenance of aircraft and spacecraft
46.1Additional activityCommercial mediation of all kinds
46.14Additional activity Activity in wholesale trading of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft
46.43.2Additional activityWholesale of electrical household appliances
46.43.3Additional activityWholesale of consumer electronics
46.6Additional activityWholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
46.69Additional activityWholesale of other machinery and equipment
46.69.1Additional activityWholesale material handling equipment and transport equipment nec
46.69.2Additional activity Wholesale trade of engineering maintenance materials and accessories of machines
46.69.5Additional activity Wholesale trade industrial electrical equipment, machinery, equipment and materials
46.69.9Additional activity Wholesale trade of other machines, devices and equipment and equipment of common industrial and special purpose
46.90Additional activityNonspecialised wholesale trade
51.22Additional activity Activity space transport
52.23Additional activityProvision of other services for the ship ride 5222
52.23.2Additional activity Activities auxiliary related to space transportation
62.01Additional activityComputer programming, consultancy and related activities
62.02Additional activity Activities and advisory work in the field of computer technology
62.09Additional activity Activities related to the usage of computers and information technology, other
69.10Additional activityLegal activities
69.20Additional activityAuditing and tax consulting, bookkeeping
70.22Additional activity Advice on business and management
71.12Additional activityEngineering office
71.2Additional activity Technical testing, analysis and certification
71.20.4Additional activity Testing, research and analysis of complete mechanical and electrical systems, energy audit
71.20.8Additional activity Certification of products, services and organizations
71.20.9Additional activity Activities for technical control, testing and other analysis
73.11Additional activity Activities of advertising agencies
73.20Additional activity Market research and public opinion polling
74.20Additional activityInterior Design and Interior Design
74.30Additional activityTranslation and interpretation activities
82.92Additional activity Activities of packing goods
Registration date
Registering department
Mezhrayonnaya inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby N 46 po g. Moskve

AO "KOSMOS KOMPLEKT" (Moscow; INN 7705956415) was registered on 19 Jul 2011. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 100000 rub.

Type of ownership of AO "KOSMOS KOMPLEKT" - Closed joint-stock companies.

Form of ownership of AO "KOSMOS KOMPLEKT" - Combines private and foreign property.

Principal activities of AO "KOSMOS KOMPLEKT": manufacture of parts and accessories of aircraft and spacecraft (30.30.5), manufacture of electric motors, generators, transformers and electricity distribution and control apparatus (27.1), manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus (27.12).


Economic indicators


Net loss (RAS) of AO KOSMOS KOMPLEKT dropped over 2017 by 27.80% to 1.42 million RUB from 1.97 million RUB KAgent.Entities.Balance, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 15.65 times to 5.82 million RUB from 372.00 thousand RUB over 2016; cost of goods sold grew 187.68 times to 4.13 million RUB from 22.00 thousand RUB; sales loss decreased 4.25 times to 453.00 thousand RUB from 1.93 million RUB.


Net loss (RAS) of KOSMOS KOMPLEKT, ZAO dropped over 2016 6.42 times to 1.97 million RUB from 12.65 million RUB KAgent.Entities.Balance, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period 184.82 times to 372.00 thousand RUB from 68.75 million RUB in 2015; cost of goods sold decreased 36.13 times to 2.30 million RUB from 82.99 million RUB; sales loss decreased 7.40 times to 1.93 million RUB from 14.24 million RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of Kosmos Komplekt, ZAO dropped in 2014 by 21.57% to 6.57 million RUB from 8.37 million RUB over the same period in 2013, the company informed.

Revenue decreased in the accounting period 2.00 times to 166.93 million RUB from 334.29 million RUB in 2013; cost of goods sold decreased 2.07 times to 155.23 million RUB from 321.27 million RUB; sales profit fell by 10.13% to 11.70 million RUB from 13.02 million RUB.


Net profit (RAS) of Kosmos Komplekt, ZAO grew over 2013 1.83 times to 8.37 million RUB from 4.58 million RUB over 2012, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period by 46.54% to 334.29 million RUB from 228.12 million RUB over 2012; cost of goods sold grew by 45.74% to 321.27 million RUB from 220.44 million RUB; sales profit went up 1.69 times to 13.02 million RUB from 7.68 million RUB.

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