AM-PRIZMA, OOO, Saint Petersburg

195256, Sankt-Peterburg, ulitsa Karpinskogo, d. 16, of. POM. 9 N

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AM-PRIZMA, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
72.3Core activityData processing
22.1Additional activityPublishing
22.2Additional activityPrinting and service activities related to printing
All types of activities
22.3Additional activityReproduction of recorded media
26.1Additional activityManufacture of glass and glass products
26.2Additional activityManufacture of non-refractory ceramic goods other than for construction purposes; manufacture of refractory ceramic products
26.5Additional activityManufacture of cement, lime and plaster
26.6Additional activityManufacture of articles of concrete, plaster and cement
30.0Additional activityManufacture of office machinery and computing facilities
32.1Additional activityElectro- radioelement- and vacuum equipment
32.2Additional activityBroadcast equipment for telephone, manufacturing
32.3Additional activityManufacture of TV & radio receivers, sound or video recording or ... app.
33.20Additional activityManufacture of control and measuring instruments
33.30Additional activityAssembly of process control and monitoring equipment
33.40Additional activityManufacture of optical instruments, photographic and filming equipment
36.1Additional activityFurniture manufacturing
37.1Additional activityRecycling of metal waste and scrap
37.2Additional activityRecycling of non-metal waste and scrap
40.10Additional activityProduction, transmission and distribution of electric power
45.1Additional activitySite Preparation Contractors
45.2Additional activityWorks and Buildings Construction
45.3Additional activityEngeneering equipment construction
45.4Additional activityFinishing Contractors
45.5Additional activityBuilding machinery contractors
50.10Additional activityTrade in motor vehicles
50.20Additional activityMaintenance and repair of motor vehicles
50.30Additional activityTrade in components and accessories for motor vehicles
50.40Additional activityTrade in motorcycles, related components and accessories, maintenance and repair of motorcycles
50.50Additional activityRetail sale of automotive fuel
51.1Additional activityWholesale trade including trade trough the agents (automobile and motorcicle trade excluded)
51.2Additional activityWholesale of agricultural raw materials and livestock
51.3Additional activityWholesale of food, beverages and tobacco
51.4Additional activityWholesale of nonfood consumer goods
51.5Additional activityWholesale trade of non-agricultural intermediate products, waste and scrap
51.6Additional activityWholesale trade of machinery, equipment and supplies
51.7Additional activityOther wholesale
52.1Additional activityRetail trade in non-specialized stores
52.2Additional activityRetail trade of food, beverages and tobacco in specialited stores 522
52.3Additional activityRetail trade of pharmaceutical and medical goods, cosmetic and toilet articles
52.4Additional activityOther retail trade in specialized stores
52.5Additional activityRetail trade of second-hand goods in stores
52.6Additional activityRetail trade not in stores
52.7Additional activityRepair of personal and household goods
55.1Additional activityHotel business
55.2Additional activityOther Traveler Accommodation
55.3Additional activityCafe and restaurants
55.4Additional activityBars
55.5Additional activityCafeteria food service contractors and food supplies (e.g., government office cafeterias, hospital cafeterias, etc.)
60.1Additional activityRail transportation
60.2Additional activityOther land transport
60.3Additional activityTransport via pipelines
61.1Additional activitySea and coastal water transport
Registration date
Registering department
Mezhrayonnaya inspektsiya Federal'noy nalogovoy sluzhby N15 po Sankt-Peterburgu

AM-PRIZMA, OOO (Saint Petersburg; INN 7804421499) was registered on 9 Sep 2009. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 10000 rub.

Type of ownership of AM-PRIZMA, OOO - Limited liability companies.

Form of ownership of AM-PRIZMA, OOO - Private property.

Principal activities of AM-PRIZMA, OOO: data processing (72.3), publishing (22.1), printing and service activities related to printing (22.2).


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