58 TSPI, OOO, Saint Petersburg

Accounting reports


196105, Sankt-Peterburg, ulitsa Reshetnikova, d. 15, of. 21N POMESCHENIE 310

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58 TSPI, OOO according to EGRUL

OKVED codeTypeName of activity type
71.11.1Core activityEngineering activities and related technical consultancy
41.20Additional activityConstruction of buildings
68.20Additional activityRenting and operating of own or leased land, buildings and dwellings
All types of activities
71.11Additional activityArchitectural activities
71.11.2Additional activity Activities on planning of cities and territories
71.11.3Additional activityArchitectural firms for local, regional and state planning
71.12Additional activityEngineering office
71.12.1Additional activityStructural engineering firms for overall planning
71.12.11Additional activityCivil engineers and construction offices
71.12.12Additional activityStahl-Gro?handel
71.12.13Additional activityHigh civil engineers and offices
71.12.14Additional activityRazrabotka inzhenerno-tekhnicheskikh proektov i kontrol' pri stroitel'stve i modernizatsii ob'ektov ispol'zovaniya atomnoy energii
71.12.2Additional activityEngineering firms for technical planning and engineering design
71.12.3Additional activity Exploration work, geophysical and geochemical study in the field of mineral resources and the reproduction of the mineral resource base
71.12.4Additional activity Activities of geodesic and cartographic
71.12.41Additional activityIntelligence, automation, instrumentation and control engineers and offices
71.12.42Additional activityTelecommunications engineers and offices
71.12.43Additional activityMeasurement and control engineers and offices
71.12.44Additional activity Activities related to the collection, processing and preparation of cartographic and space information, including aerial surveys
71.12.45Additional activityCivil engineers and offices
71.12.46Additional activityGeological engineers and offices
71.12.5Additional activity Activities in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas, environmental monitoring, pollution
71.12.51Additional activity Activities observational hydrometeorological network
71.12.52Additional activity Carrying heliophysical and geophysical surveys
71.12.53Additional activitySurveyors Civil Engineers
71.12.54Additional activitySurveyors
71.12.55Additional activity Processing activities and the provision of hydrometeorological information to public authorities and the public
71.12.56Additional activityOther engineering firms
71.12.57Additional activityOffices baufach expert
71.12.6Additional activity Activities in the field of technical regulation, standardization, metrology, accreditation, product cataloging
71.12.61Additional activity Activities in the field of technical regulation and standardization
71.12.62Additional activity Activities in the field of metrology
71.12.63Additional activity Activities in the field of accreditation
71.12.64Additional activity State control (supervision) over observance of technical regulations
71.12.65Additional activity Federal State metrological supervision
71.12.66Additional activity Activities in the field of product cataloging
71.12.7Additional activityKadastrovaya deyatel'nost'
71.12.8Additional activityDeyatel'nost' po predostavleniyu inzhenerno-tekhnicheskikh konsul'tatsiy v sfere energosberezheniya i povysheniya energeticheskoy effektivnosti ispol'zovaniya energeticheskikh resursov
71.20Additional activity Technical testing, analysis and certification
71.20.1Additional activityTechnical testing and analysis
71.20.2Additional activityPhysical examination and consultation
71.20.3Additional activityChemical analysis and advice
71.20.4Additional activity Testing, research and analysis of complete mechanical and electrical systems, energy audit
71.20.5Additional activity Technical inspection of vehicles
71.20.6Additional activity Expertise of project documentation and engineering survey results
71.20.61Additional activity Expertise of engineering survey of project documentation and the state
71.20.62Additional activity Expertise of project documentation and engineering survey results nongovernmental
71.20.7Additional activity The assessment of working conditions
71.20.8Additional activity Certification of products, services and organizations
71.20.9Additional activity Activities for technical control, testing and other analysis
Registration date

58 TSPI, OOO (Saint Petersburg; INN 7810710234) was registered on 12 Oct 2017. The company's authorized capital as of July 1, 2012 was 5940022 rub.

Principal activities of 58 TSPI, OOO: engineering activities and related technical consultancy (71.11.1), construction of buildings (41.20), renting and operating of own or leased land, buildings and dwellings (68.20).


Economic indicators


Net profit (RAS) of 58 TSPI, OOO dropped in 2019 3.03 times to 202.00 thousand RUB from 613.00 thousand RUB over the same period in 2018, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period by 18.87% to 26.09 million RUB from 21.95 million RUB over 2018.


Net profit (RAS) of 58 TSPI, OOO dropped in 2018 3.72 times to 613.00 thousand RUB from 2.28 million RUB over the same period in 2017, the company informed.

Revenue increased in the accounting period 2.74 times to 21.95 million RUB from 8.00 million RUB over 2017; cost of goods sold grew 3.78 times to 21.42 million RUB from 5.67 million RUB; sales profit fell 4.42 times to 526.00 thousand RUB from 2.32 million RUB.


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